We are in the business of building dream machines.

After food and water, shelter is a critical element of life. A home is so much more than a place to live. It provides a platform or base from which people can do extraordinary things including changing the world. A home provides safety, security, inspiration and energy to dream and live life.

A home doesn’t make the person but it certainly helps to form and shape your sense of self. Gehde wants to play a small part in helping you live the life of your dreams by building a home you would love to live in.

Whether it is the first home you buy, the place you have your first child, where you raise your kids, or the home you move to after the kids have moved out, your memories, smiles and dreams encourage us to create and build.

In fact your aspiration is our inspiration. Our terrific team of designers and builders construct high quality homes that are cleverly designed and built to last. So check out our latest development today.